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Post  EvilED on Mon 4 Aug 2008 - 3:51

Rule 1: Read and follow guild rules.

Rule 2: Do not scam.

Rule 3: Don't use bots.

Rule 4: Do not Spam. Including all chat forums ingame.

Rule 5: Be respectful to other players.

Rule 6: Come prepared for the raids.

Rule 7: Follow guild loot policy.

Rule 8: If a guildmember don't following the rules, report the player to an Officer or GM. Dont fight in the gchat about it.

Rule 9: Play for fun and happiness, help other when you have time for that.

Rule 10: Officers have access to the forum. We put up some info about player's. if it can lead to some conflict's.

Rule 11: RL, Officers and GM's word is law.

Rule 12: Officers have the same power as GM.

Rule 13: One warning and you been kicked out from the guild.

Note: Any violation of the guild rules can result in a degration or removal from the guild.

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